Smart Visu Server2

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including plug-in power supply

Intended use
Visualisation and operation of KNX systems via devices with HTML5 browser or app (iOS, Android), e.g. Smart Control (ref.-no.: SC 5 SW, SC 0081 U), smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC, etc.
Visualisation and operation of Philips Hue systems
Operation in local IP networks that support DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol), or with static IP address (IPv4)
Operation in interiors
Product characteristics
Web visualisation of KNX system for status indication and operation (SV-Home)
Access from max. 10 different clients to SV-Home recommended
Integrated web-based commissioning tool (SV-Control)
Easy to create a pre-configured user interface, optimised for domestic applications and small commercial facilities
Graphical control elements: symbols can be selected from supplied libraries
Import of group addresses (three-stage) via OPC import (ETS3, ETS4, ETS5)
Manual input of group addresses possible
32 areas
320 dynamic functions (max. 1600 data points)
32 action groups
320 configurable actions (max. 32 functions per action)
- Customised
- Switching times
- Status logic
- Depending on events
- Astro
Creation of up to 24 users with different roles and rights
Storage of data (e.g. temperature values) and creation of diagrams (display of diagrams not possible with SC 5 SW)
Connection to KNX bus via interfaces (ref.-no. IPR 300 SREG, IPS 300 SREG, 20320 1S IPS R), not included
Integration of Philips Hue systems in the KNX installation
Connection to Philips Hue via Philips Hue Bridge
Integration of SONOS loudspeakers in the KNX installation
Integration of Amazon Alexa voice control via myJUNG account
Integration of Google Home voice control via myJUNG account
Integration of Samsung SmartThings via myJUNG account
Secure remote access via myJUNG account (SV-SERVER-L necessary)
Update and upgrade compatible

Mounting set ref.-no.: SV-SERVER2-MS
Remote access licence ref.-no.: SV-SERVER-L