KNX Smart Panel 203 mm - 8’’

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Intended use
Visualisation and operation of system statuses and information on building automation
Mounting horizontally (recommended) or vertically
Mounting in flush-mounted recessed box (ref.-no. EBG 24) or on flush box with dimensions according to DIN 49073 (recommendation: approx. 60 mm deep)
Product characteristics
High performance HD screen
Proximity sensor
Capacitive touchscreen
Cleaning mode with touch screen lock
Fanless, without rotating parts
Integrated bus coupling unit
Graphical user interface for visualisation and operation of KNX devices
Project design with Windows software "KNX Smart Panel Designer" (minimum requirements: Windows 10, 64-bit, 120 MB free disk space)
Commissioning with ETS version 5.7.4 or higher and DCA
KNX special functions, e.g. scenes, sequences, central function, presence simulation
Rooms or elements: max. 300
Structured by several rooms or as single room
Time tables: max. 125 with 10 commands each
Logic operations: max. 55
Astronomical clock
Visualisation of indoor and outdoor temperature
Automatic temperature average per room
Notifications (alarm, warning, information)
E-mail notification
Push notification
Favourites page
Light / dark colour scheme
Two-level configuration access (admin / user)
User management
User (PIN codes): max. 10
PIN protection for rooms / elements
Backup and restore
Mobile app
Secure remote access via myJUNG account (SP-REMOTE-L necessary)
App users per installation: max. 10
Door communication function only in combination with Siedle Smart Gateway SG 650-.. or SG 150-..

Flush-mounted recessed box ref.-no.: EBG 24
Power supply ref.-no.: NT 2415 REG VDC
Remote access licence ref.-no.: SP-REMOTE-L