3D Digital Twin

We create powerful 3D interactive models for immersive interior imagery, enabling you to transport an online viewer to a fully digitized space with unparalleled graphic fidelity.

But the transformative potential of 3D visualization goes far beyond property viewings. It is revolutionizing connectivity between workplaces, digital showcasing, and remote management. This game-changing technology helps you keep pace with a rapidly changing world.

Our innovative modeling offers much more than just virtual walkthroughs. A single scan generates precise measurements, detailed schematics, electronic and AV equipment surveys, and 4K photos and videos from all angles. Its applications span numerous sectors and business models. How can we help you?

With over 20 years at the cutting edge of smart home and workplace technology, our expertise and professionalism, which are at the heart of everything we do at Smart Building Solutions, instill confidence and security in our clients. We launched 3D Digital Twin to help businesses step confidently into the future.

Enhancing IoT control and facility management through digital twin integration

Explore a new solution for smart system control and building maintenance, utilizing an interactive 3D interface.

Generate digital representations of a facility throughout its construction, renovation, or utilization phases, accessible to both end customers and a broad professional community.

Decrease travel time and cost​

by removing the need for site visits.

Work faster

less time to complete projects when teams can access a property anytime and from anywhere.

Reduce carbon emissions

by eliminating the need for car and plane travel to operate more sustainably.

Effective project management within
an organization

Multi-tiered access permissions for co-workers and collaborators. Public link for effortless sharing with customers and stakeholders.

Elevate every property with a digital twin-immersion

Fueled by our enthusiasm for the Internet of Things and spatial visualizations, we’ve pioneered the integration of digital twin technology into a fresh paradigm of building management.