N 143/01 - KNX IP Gateway KNX/BACnet

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The IP Gateway KNX-BACnet N 143 is is a DIN rail mounted device connecting a KNX installation with a system using BACnet communication.

The Gateway provides up to 250 communication objects. Via these objects KNX functions (group addresses) are transposed to BACnet objects.

The device is configured entirely with ETS.

The configured KNX communication objects are automatically transposed into BACnet objects.

No special knowledge about BACnet is required for the commissioning.

On BACnet the IP Gateway KNX-BACnet N 143 appears as an Application Specific Controller (B-ASC) with up to 250 BACnet objects. BACnet clients may set up to 455 BACnet change-of-value (COV) subscriptions for these 250 BACnet objects.

The device is equipped with a web server presenting the configuration and current values in an overview page.

Besides the function as IP Gateway KNX-BACnet the device alsoprovides an IP Interface for ETS configuration of the device itself as well as other KNX devices of the attached KNX line.

The device is configured and commissioned with the ETS (Engineering Tool Software) version ETS5 or later.