Motion detector mini basic, white-BM 360 MB WW

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Intended use
Brightness-independent detection of motions in interiors
Connection to KNX e.g. multi station or push-button interface for automatic switching of loads
Power supply via unchoked output of a (KNX) power supply with SELV
Clamp mounting in suspended ceilings
Ceiling installation on fixed ceilings in flush box with dimensions according to DIN 49073 with flush mounting set (ref.-no.: PMM-UP-SET-WW)
Surface-mounted ceiling installation with surface mounting set (ref.-no.: PMM-AP-SET-WW)
Product characteristics
Brightness-independent detection of motions in the detection field
Switch on: After detection of a motion
Switch off: No motion in the detection field and run-on time elapsed
Floating electronic switching contact

Run-on time: approx. 10 s

Technical data about Motion detector mini basic, white BM 360 MB WW-270

Rated voltage: DC 24 ... 32 V SELV
Stand-by power: < 0.1 W
Current consumption: max. 4 mA
Ambient temperature: −5 ... +45 °C
Stora/transport temperature: −25 ... +70 °C
Relative humidity: 10 ... 100 % (no condensation)
Protection class: III
Degree of protection: IP44
Motion detection
Detection angle: 360°
Range: Ø approx. 6 m (mounting height 3 m)
Switching output
Electric strength: 40 V
Current carrying capacity of device: max. 50 mA
Connected load: max. 0.15 W
Ceiling cut-out (Ø x D): 44 x 35 mm
Dimensions (Ø x H): 53.5 x 38 mm (with design ring)
Cable length: max. 30 m
Max. thickness of the suspended ceiling: approx. 25 mm
Installation depth: min. 35 mm
Distance between concrete ceiling and suspended ceiling: min. 20 mm
Design ring Ø inside: 36.6 mm
Design ring Ø outside: 53.5 mm
Height above surface, design ring: 3 mm
Height above surface, lens: 5.5 mm