KNX Secure multifunctional presence sensor-EK-SG2-TP-P

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With the KNX Secure multifunctional presence sensor with microwave technology it is possible to detect the actual presence of individuals in rooms. Due to its very high sensitivity to micro movements, its ideal use is in hotel rooms, offices and any place of sedentary presence.

Despite the multiple functionalities inside, the presence sensor comes in an ultra-compact design that is almost invisible in environments.

Technical Data
  • 360° static presence detection range up to 8.5m diameter (at 4m height)
  • Installation height approx. 2.5-4 m
  • Power supply 21-30 Vdc via KNX bus and current consumption 4mA@30Vdc
  • SELV auxiliary power supply 12-30 Vdc and current consumption 20mA@30Vdc
  • Illumination measurement range 0-2000 lux
  • Body diameter Ø 48.5 mm
  • Outer diameter Ø 65 mm
  • Mounting hole diameter Ø 53-55 mm
  • Recess depth 38 mm

Functions / Features
  • Detection of normal and small movements with 24GHz microwave technology
  • Up to 4 output channels and up to 3 brightness levels for both the start and end situation
  • Automatic and semi-automatic modes
  • Built-in brightness sensor
  • Built-in room temperature sensor
  • Built-in air humidity sensor
  • Constant brightness control
  • Thermoregulation functions
  • Advanced logic functions
  • Master/slave working mode
  • Configurable orientation light
  • Support of the KNX data Secure protocol