Room controller display module, F40, Secure

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for cover kit 3-gang, ref.-no.: .. 4093 TSA ..
can be extended by means of a push-button extension module, ref.-no.: 409.. TSEM
Adapter frames are included in delivery:
ref.-no. LS 4 AR for LS range (pre-mounted) and ref.-no. CD 4 AR for CD range.
AS / A ranges without adapter frame.

Intended use
Operation of loads, e.g. light on/off, dimming, blinds up/down, brightness values, temperatures, calling up and saving light scenes, etc.
Measurement and feedback control of the room temperature
Installation in flush box with dimensions according to DIN 49073
Product characteristics
All buttons can be assigned with push-button sensor functions or functions for controller operation.
KNX medium: TP 256
Four red status LEDs
One blue operation LED as orientation light and to indicate the programming status
Integrated bus coupling unit
Connection for a push-button extension module, 1-4 gang
Integrated temperature sensor
Room temperature control with setpoint specification
Display of room or set temperature
Display of outdoor temperature – with external sensor, e.g. weather station
Display of time, in conjunction with KNX time encoder
Push-button functions switching, dimming, controlling blinds, value transmitter, calling up light scenes etc.
Push-button function or rocker function, vertical or horizontal
Fan coil application with up to 8 fan speeds and auto function
Including transparent cover kit for operation on construction site without design covers
KNX Data Secure compatible with ETS 5.7.7 or ETS 6.1.0 or higher
Can be updated with the ETS Service App