Presence detector mini Universal, white-3361-1 M WW

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with integrated BCU
New in V 02: with temperature measurement (only "Universal" version)
ETS product family: Physical sensors
Product type: Movement

Intended use
Requirement-oriented control of lighting, room thermostats and other electrical loads in interiors
Clamp mounting in suspended ceilings
Ceiling installation on fixed ceilings in flush box with dimensions according to DIN 49073 with flush mounting set (ref.-no.: PMM-UP-SET-WW)
Surface-mounted ceiling installation with surface mounting set (ref.-no.: PMM-AP-SET-WW)
Product characteristics
Integrated bus coupling unit
3 PIR sensors
Detection field 360°
Integrated brightness sensor
Deployed as presence detector, motion detector, or for alert operation
Output functions: Switching, staircase lighting function, switching with forced position, value transmitter, light scene extension, operating mode setting for room temperature controller
Extension of the detection area by way of operating several devices as main unit or extension unit
Adjuster for manual adjustment of sensitivity
Status LED: Flashes during motion detection; depending on programming in normal operation or only during the walking test mode
Additional characteristics of "Universal" version:
Manual operation with IR remote control possible (ref.-no.: KNX PM FB IR)
5 function blocks for motion detection each with 2 outputs
Function blocks switchable, e.g. for day/night operation
PIR sensors can be evaluated separately
Brightness sensor function with 3 limiting values
Light control with max. 3 channels, setpoint adjustment in operation, separate configuration of dimming-up, control and dimming-down phase
Light control can be combined with presence detector function
Temperature measurement
Presence detector function:
Detection of the smallest motions e.g. at a workplace for detecting the presence of persons
Switch on: Motion detection and brightness threshold not reached
Switch off: No motion in the detection field and run-on time elapsed or brightness threshold exceeded
Motion detector function:
Motion detection for passageways in buildings
After reacting and switching on, the motion detection works independently of the brightness.
Signalling mode:
Brightness-independent detection of motions in the detection field
Switch on: After detection of an adjustable number of motions within the set monitoring period
Switch off: No motion in the detection field and run-on time elapsed



Technical data about Presence detector mini Universal, white 3361-1 M WW

KNX medium: TP 256
Rated voltage KNX: DC 21 ... 32 V SELV
Current consumption KNX: max. 10 mA
Connection bus: terminal
Protection class: III
Ambient temperature: −25 ... +55 °C
Stora/transport temperature: −25 ... +70 °C
Relative humidity: 10 ... 100 % (no condensation)
Degree of protection: IP44
Ceiling cut-out (Ø x D): 44 x 35 mm
Dimensions (Ø x H): 53.5 x 38 mm (with design ring)
Max. thickness of the suspended ceiling: approx. 25 mm
Installation depth: min. 35 mm
Distance between concrete ceiling and suspended ceiling: min. 20 mm
Design ring Ø inside: 36.6 mm
Design ring Ø outside: 53.5 mm
Height above surface, design ring: 3 mm
Height above surface, lens: 5.5 mm
Motion detection
Detection angle: 360°
Range: Ø approx. 12 m (mounting height 3 m)
Brightness sensor
Measuring range: 10 ... 2,000 lx
Accuracy (≤ 80 lx): ± 10 lx
Accuracy (> 80 lx): ± 5 %