N 125/22 - KNX Power supply unit DC 29 V, 640 mA with additional unchoked output, N 125/22

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with integrated choke,

rated operational voltage AC 120...230 V, 50...60 Hz, DC 220 V,
output voltage 29 V DC,
output current 640mA,
with additional non-choke-protected output for 29 V DC for supply of a second bus line via an external choke N120,
with connection of choke-protected output voltage via a contact system for data rails and via a plug-in extra-low voltage terminal or bus terminal,
with connection of the non-choke-protected output voltage via a plug-in extra-low voltage terminal,
for mounting on DIN rail EN 60715-TH35-7.5
box with 4 SU (1 SU = 18 mm)