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  • 1 or 2 DALI Channel, 64 or 128 DALI devices per channel
  • Replacement of defective ECGs without software
  • DALI max. length: 1000ft with 2x14AWG
  • DALI-2 certified
  • Support of DALI DT8 ECGs (tunable white)



These KNX/DALI Gateways are KNX devices TP1-256 type with two independent DALI interfaces. Up to 64/128 DALI actuators (e.g. ECG with DALI interface) and additional DALI sensors (e.g. DALI key interface, presence detectors, etc.) can be connected per channel. 


DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) is a bidirectional communications interface to IEC 62386, whose specification was chosen by manufacturers for electronic ballasts. It not only receives, for example, switching and dimming commands, but also transmits status information such as failure of an illuminant or reporting of a detected error in the ballast. The KNX/DALI Gateways enable communication with up to 64 DALI actuators per channel. These can be connected and dimmed in groups. They also make it possible to record and transfer DALI status and error messages. An individual name, a group, parameter and scenes are assigned to individual DALI ECG during commissioning with the ETS (Engineering Tool Software). DALI sensors are also assigned to groups in the ETS (for this, go to the application program description).

DALI Power Supply Integrated

The integrated power supply unit supplies the gateway electronics and generates the DALI bus voltage. It facilitates operation of the gateway and direct switching and dimming of all DALI ECG's controlled via the DALI interface, even if the gateway has still not been operated with the ETS or if communication via KNX is interrupted. For this, the devices have a key (figure 2, A3) on the front to disable or enable "Direct Mode". If the key is first held down, then the display (A5) indicates direct mode by "d". Then, all lights are switched on/off (tap the key) or dimmed (hold the key down) together by the key pair (A7 and A8) and controlled by the DALI bus line via the respective channel A or B. The LED (A4) indicates the switched status of the connected lights. If the "Direct Mode" key is held down for a second time, then the "d" in the display goes out and the Gateway is again in bus mode [display b] or in standalone mode, if KNX communication is unavailable. 

The devices have a voltage detector during initialization, which detects whether a voltage has been applied to the DALI terminals incorrectly. 

The DALI power supply feeds both ECG and sensors; verify that the maximum permissible current drain by all connected DALI devices is not exceeded.