KNX DALI-2 Gateway Colour 1fach, REG, 4 TE, Secure

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  • rail mounting device, 4 rail units -non UL

    Intended use
    Controlling of luminaires and other applications with DALI operating device in KNX installations e.g. electronic ballast
    Mounting on DIN rail according to EN 60715 in distribution box
    Product characteristics
    DALI-2 certified
    Control of up to 64 DALI devices in up to 32 groups
    Setting of colour temperature or light colour (RGB, RGBW) for luminaires with DALI Device Type 8 acc. to IEC 62386-209
    Short-circuit, overload and overvoltage protected
    Operating hours counter
    Automatic colour circle pass or brightness pass
    HCL mode (Human Centric Lighting), automatic daytime colour temperature gradient
    CT (Colour Transition) mode, automatic day colour gradient
    Suitable for operation with DC voltage of emergency lighting systems
    Individual, group or central addressing
    16 light scenes per DALI system
    Read out DALI device state via KNX, e.g. brightness or luminaire error
    Manual operation of the DALI groups, individual devices or central (broadcast) separately for each DALI system
    Forced guidance of disabling function
    Feedback of switching state and brightness value in bus and manual operation
    Collective feedback
    Central switching and dimming function
    Disabling function for each DALI group or each individual device
    Separate ON and OFF delay
    Staircase lighting timer with switch-off warning
    Online or offline project design of the DALI devices with ETS-DCA
    Standby switch-off of the DALI devices
    Replacement of a single DALI device of the same type, during operation, possible without software
    KNX Data Secure compatible with ETS 5.7.7 or ETS 6.1.0 or higher
    Can be updated with the ETS Service App


Technical data about KNX DALI-2 gateway Colour 1-gang, Rail mounting device, 4 rail units, Secure 30064 1S DA2 R

KNX medium: TP 256
Commissioning mode: S-mode
Rated voltage KNX: DC 21 ... 32 V SELV
Current consumption KNX: 4.5 ... 5 mA
Connection, KNX: connection terminal
Rated voltage: AC 110 ... 240 V ~, 50/60 Hz
Rated voltage: DC 110 ... 240 V
Power loss: max. 3 W
Rated voltage DALI: DC 16 V
Output current per DALI system: typical 128 mA, max. 250 mA for short periods
Guaranteed bus current per DALI system: 148 mA
Number of DALI devices: max. 64 per DALI system
DALI transmission rate: 1.2 kbit/s
DALI protocol: EN 62386
Cable type: sheathed cable 230 V, e,g. NYM
Cable length DALI
with 1.5 mm²: max. 300 m
with 1.0 mm²: max. 238 m
with 0.75 mm²: max. 174 m
with 0.5 mm²: max. 116 m
Ambient temperature: −5 ... +45 °C
Storing temperature: −5 ... +45 °C
Transport temperature: −25 ... +70 °C
Connection, power supply and DALI
Connection mode: screw terminals
single wire: 1 x 0.5 ... 4 mm²
stranded without ferrule: 1 x 0.5 ... 4 mm²
stranded with ferrule: 1 x 0.5 ... 2.5 mm²
Mounting width: 72 mm (4 rail units)