KNX brightness controller mini-2096 LUX-01

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with integrated BCU
ETS product family: Physical sensors

Product type: Brightness

Intended use

  • Measurement and control of lighting indoors or in protected outdoor area
  • Clamp mounting in suspended ceilings
  • Ceiling installation on fixed ceilings in appliance box according to DIN 49073 with flush mounting set (ref.-no.: PMM-UP-SET-WW)
  • Surface-mounted ceiling installation with the surface mounting set (ref.-no.: PMM-AP-SET-WW)

Product characteristics

  • Asymmetrical measuring surface
  • Integrated bus coupling unit
  • Integrated brightness sensor
  • Brightness sensor function with 3 limiting values
  • Brightness limiting values (3 channels) with output functions switching, value transmitter, and scene extension
  • Light control with max. 3 channels, setpoint shift in operation, the separate configuration of dimming-up, control and dimming-down phase
  • On-off control possible for switch actuators
  • Power supply via bus voltage

Technical data
KNX medium: TP
Rated voltage KNX: DC 21 ... 32 V SELV
Current consumption KNX: max. 10 mA
Connection, KNX: terminal
Protection class: III
Ambient temperature: −13 ... +131} °F
Storage/transport temperature: −13 ... +158} °F
Relative humidity: 10 ... 100 % (no condensation)
Protection level: IP 44
Ceiling cut-out (Ø x D): 1.73 x 1.38 in
Dimensions (Ø x H): 2.11 x 1.5 in (with design ring)
Max. thickness of the suspended ceiling: approx. 0.98 in
Mounting depth: min. 1.38 in
Distance between concrete ceiling and suspended ceiling: min. 0.79 in
Design ring Ø inside: 1.4 in
Design ring Ø outside: 2.11 in
Profile height design ring: 0.07 in
Profile height lens: 0.22 in
Brightness measurement
Measuring range: 10 ... 2,000 lx
Accuracy (> 80 lx): ± 5 %
Accuracy (≤ 80 lx): ± 10 lx