KNX automatic switch 1.1 m-LS Range-LS 3181-1-01

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for bus coupling unit 3 ref.-no.: 2073 U-01
ETS product family: Physical sensors
Product type: Movement

Intended use

  • Requirement-oriented control of lighting and other electrical loads in interior rooms
  • Mounting on bus coupling unit 3 (ref.-no.: 2073 U-01)

Product characteristics

  • Automatic switching of lighting depending on the thermal movement and ambient brightness
  • 2 PIR sensors
  • Detection range 180°
  • Integrated brightness sensor
  • Switch-off brightness can be set
  • Output functions: Switching, staircase function, switching with forced position, value transmitter, light scene extension, operating mode setting for room temperature controller
  • Extension of the detection area by way of operating several devices as main unit or extension unit
  • Sensitivity can be set manually
  • Status LEDs
  • Manual switching on the device
  • Up to half of the detection area can be screened off (cover or parameter setting)

Additional characteristics of "Universal" version:

  • Manual operation with IR remote control possible (ref.-no.: KNX PM FB IR)
  • 5 function blocks for motion detection each with 2 outputs
  • Function blocks switchable, e.g. for day/night operation
  • Brightness sensor function with 3 limiting values
  • Alarm message in case the device is removed from the bus coupling unit
  • Temperature measurement

Technical data
Current consumption KNX: 3 ... 10 mA
Ambient temperature: 23 ... +113} °F
Storage/transport temperature: −13 ... +158} °F
Relative humidity: 10 ... 100 % (no condensation)
Protection class: III
Mounting height: 3.61 ft
Detection angle: 180°
Brightness sensor
Measuring range: approx. 1 ... 1,000 lx
Temperature sensor
Measuring range: 23 ... +113} °F
Accuracy: ± 1 K