Friends of Hue radio transmitter 4-channel, LS range, light grey

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max. 4 light scenes
including mounting plate, adhesive film and fastening screw
including LS 990 frame ref.: LS 981 WW

Smart switch for wireless remote control of Philips Hue lamps
For switching, dimming and controlling individual light scenes
For residential use only
Mounting on flush box with dimensions according to DIN 49073, screw fixing on walls or adhesive fixing on smooth, even surfaces (glass)
Battery-free device without external power supply
Transmitting energy is generated from mechanical energy of actuation (energy harvesting)
Encrypted transmission with device-specific code
Wireless standard ZigBee Green Power, compatible with Friends of Hue and Apple HomeKit
Automatic range extension via Philips Hue lamps
Simple commissioning and configuration via Philips Hue app and Hue Bridge V2 or higher

Thermoplastic (breakproof) high-gloss