JB 512C23 - KNX Switching actuator 1 x AC 120...277 V, 20 A or 1 x AC 347 V, 15 AX, C load

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with one relay contact as switching element,

rated contact operating voltage AC 120-277V, AC 347V
rated contact frequency: 50/60 Hz,
fluorsecent lamp load acc. to DIN EN 60669-1: 16AX (200µF) at AC 120-277V,
with selectable operating mode (normal mode, time switch mode),
with selectable relay mode (NO contact / NC contact),
with status object as an optional addition,
with variable On and Off delay times,
with selectable logic operation (AND/OR) of two communication objects,
with selectable switching state at bus voltage failure and recovery,
with optional addition of a night mode object for time-limited switching On of the output (and hence the illumination) at night,
with variable On period at night or time switch mode,
with selectable post-triggering of the On period (On period extension) in time switch mode,
with selectable warning signal prior to imminent switching-off by means of three-times short off and on switching (flashing) at night or in time switch mode,
with selectable function, including additional communication object for manual override of an output,
with selectable forced control, including additional communication object for switching an output on or off in forced mode,
with selectable counting of operating hours and with threshold monitoring of the operating hours,
with selectable counting of load cycles and with threshold monitoring of the load cycles,
with integrated 8-bit scene control and linking of each output into up to 8 scenes,
with bus-powered electronics,
with integrated bus coupling unit,
with bus connection via bus terminal block,
type of protection: IP 20
housing: plastic,
dimensions (L x W x H): 70 x 90 x 44,6 mm
as built-in device with 1/2 inch thread connection for mounting to or in a UL/NEMA Junction Box with feedthrough of the function wires through the 1/2 inch threaded connector