AP 257/61 - KNX Weather station

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Weather station with sensors to survey temperature, brightness, rain and wind speed as well as integrated GPS module

  • ·       temperature, wind and rain sensors
  • ·       three integrated brightness sensors each 90° apart
  • ·       GPS positioning
  • ·       easy mast installation with attached mast bracket

Functions with commissioning with ETS

  • ·       sending of the current GPS coordinates
  • ·       two objects for external brightness sensors
  • ·       adjustment of slats position according to current sun position
  • ·       sun protection area both horizontal (azimuth) and vertical
  • ·       sun protection can be temporarily interrupted via object
  • ·       sensor evaluation with logical AND/ OR operation of the measurement readings
  • ·       threshold switches with delay when falling below and exceeding
  • ·       logic modules with four input objects independent of the measurement readings