1-gang toggle multi push-button (insert), 1-pole, 2-way push-button with 2 x 2 NO contacts, rocker in neutral position, low Voltage-K 531-41 EU

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with screw terminals for rigid and flexible wires up to 2.5 mm2
screw fixing only, without claws
installation into flush box min. 63 mm (depth)

for centre plates with toggle lever ref.-no.: ..12-0.., ..12-200.., ..12-20..
When the upper or lower half of the rocker is actuated, two contacts are closed simultaneously.
Especially designed as controller for wirings with relays, e.g. in combination with relay station ref.-no. RS 8 REGHE.
No electrical/mechanical interlocking.

1-pole, 2-way push-button with 2 x 2 NO contacts, rocker in neutral position