Augmented planning with JUNG AR Studio

Augmented planning with JUNG AR Studio

A creative planning tool

The JUNG AR Studio app makes it possible to visualize furnishing ideas better and to view them in augmented reality.
Architects, planners, specialist installers, and property owners can display JUNG products virtually in the room—anytime and anywhere—with the augmented reality solution.
Select a switch range, for example, a material and a color in the app, then attach the JUNG Experience Marker where the switch is intended to be seen. JUNG AR Studio now inserts virtual 3D models of the selected JUNG products into the live picture. Thanks to this augmented reality, how the switch will look in the room and next to the interior furnishings can be seen immediately on a tablet or smartphone. This is the ideal technology for planning the electrical installation and as a visualization for the customer.


Comprehensive background information


Experience over 2000 products in real-time
JUNG AR Studio provides extensive information on JUNG products. In addition, selected reference photographs are available to provide further impressions of how JUNG design and technology are shown to be advantageous in interior spaces—a comprehensive tool for planning the electrical installation - the digital sample case when on the move.

Digital samples – JUNG solutions also for hotels

The JUNG AR-Studio app makes the selection and virtual sample inspection of special hotel products easier. Combinations such as "bedside panels" or "deskside panels" in various materials and versions are rendered and presented professionally and live on mobile end devices. In this way, the AR-Studio app is a simple planning and consultancy tool in hotel construction – the digital sample case for the move.